Making French Toast

I make a lot of technology videos for my classes. One thing that helps me to learn the features of video editors is to make home videos. Here the my latest for my cooking channel “Kettles in the Kitchen”:

Best of Provo 2021

As I’ve lived in different cities around the world, I’ve found that there are often signature dishes that are worth driving an hour or more to try. Here in Provo, I bet a lot of students graduate without having tried some foods which are mind blowing. So here are some of my favorites:

Shirley’s Bakery and Cafe – The cinnamon rolls, all flavors, are amazing. I really l like raspberry, but you can’t go wrong. This place is slammed during Conference Weekends.

Cup Bop Korean BBQ in a Cup – Get a Combo Bop and try it spicy, the higher levels of spice come with an amazing combination of flavors.

Molly’s – This is a catering company, and their food is so delicious. Their carrot cake, mashed potatoes, are just some of the fantastic things here.

Lehi Bakery – Yeah, I know, it is a few miles up the road, but I’ll claim it. Their Apple Fritters are the best I have had in Utah. Do it!

Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream – Colonial Themed Ice Creme, inspired by Gelato recipes. The founder spent days in the basement of the person who invented Cookies in Cream, out in New York. That gives you an idea of the level of detail and effort that has gone into their ice cream. Never had better. Their flavors are like nothing you’ve ever had.

Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria – I’m not even sure how to begin to pick one, they are soooo good. The Texan is an an example, it has pulled pork and bacon.

Magleby’s Fresh – They have bottomless buttermilk pancakes with a house-made buttermilk syrup. Add the berries and whipped cream, and you are going to be sooo happy. Oh, and it comes with bacon that has been cartelized in maple or brown sugar or something similar. I want breakfast just thinking about it.

Bumble Bee Cafe – They have something there called KPOP fries, rated the best fries in Utah. And they are. One of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted in my life…it is more of a meal than fries.

R and R BBQ / OR / Bam Bam-s BBQ – Hard to pick here. I never would have thought that Provo would have gourmet-level BBQ. The Bam Bam’s place has a story on the wall of how the founder became a pit boss down in Texas or some story like that, and he brought back the award-winning BBQ to here. One thing I like there is SWACHOS with Beef Brisket. Over at R and R BBQ, they have great stuff too. You can’t go wrong.

Jurassic Street Tacos – Imagine marinated steak, in a taco the size of a football, with melted white cheese spilling out that got partially caramelized on the grill top. I can’t begin to describe how good it is.

Don Joaquin Street Tacos – If you like those little Mexican street tacos seasoned to perfection, this is the place for you. Many varieties of meat, a fantastic topping bar, and a spinning spit of meat as you walk in the door. It is fun to watch the food get cooked right before you eyes, but even if you couldn’t, these are some of the best tacos around. Always busy, always fantastic.

Five Brothers Sushi Bros ` Late Nate Sushi – How good could a Sushi place be that was founded on the idea of late night (like midnight) sushi delivery? Surprisingly, the flavors and appearance of their dishes are next level. Just go look at the online menu.