Update on AWS Accounts for BYU Students

I just got off the phone with the cloud team and it seems there are some updates in what to use and when for AWS.

First, if a class needs AWS access for each student, the preferred way is for the individual instructor to go to awseducate.com and choose the AWS Educate classroom. (not credits and not LMS integration). That should give each student about $50.00 in credits. I can’t remember what the lead time is, but a couple weeks is probably a good idea. Signing up this way requires an email address for each student.

Sometime before fall, BYU should have integration with Canvas (if they don’t already), and that is great way to avoid adding in each student via email, and helps students log in easier as a module mouse click in Canvas.

Separately, faculty may want to have their own accounts, and they are glad to spin up accounts for each faculty member. In fact, this is preferred. You can also create group accounts. So more accounts is better to be able to wrangle billing better.

Related to that, it would be possible to set up special research accounts as well for a research team.

There is also a sandbox, but that is just meant to be used as experimentation for free (for proof of concepts) and it gets wiped out every week.

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